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  • Exner et al v Gan

  • Superior Court for the State of California, County of Los Angeles

  • BC513314

  • (888) 369-3780

About this case

Los Angeles County Superior Court

If you are or were a tenant of Wayne Gan, David Gan, GPI Properties, GPI Management, Co., or USC Rental after June 26, 2009, then a class action lawsuit may affect your rights.

A court authorized this notice. This is not a solicitation from a lawyer. You are not being sued.

Your legal rights are affected whether you act or don’t act. Read this notice carefully. You must make a decision by: June 3, 2022.

You are receiving notice of a lawsuit because that lawsuit has settled with an agreement to treat it as a class action. You may be a member of the class. This notice explains what you can do about the settlement and how to claim a share of the money if you are a member of the class

The Plaintiffs claim that Mr. Gan violated a variety of laws protecting tenants. They claim that he insisted that tenants sign leases with terms that were unenforceable or void, that he violated laws governing the return of security deposits, and that he rented apartments that did not comply with local building codes and then ignored orders to comply with those building codes. Mr. Gan denies that he did anything wrong or that the tenants suffered any damages. More specifically, the Plaintiffs alleged the following “causes of action:” (1) failure to register rental units in violation of Los Angeles Municipal Code, section 151.05; (2) money had and received; (3) failure to provide legal or adequate plumbing; (4) failure to provide legal or adequate electrical service; (5) failure to provide heating facilities; (6) failure to provide sufficient trash receptacles; (7) nuisance; (8) violation of section 1942.4 of California’s Civil Code; (9) breach of contract and declaratory relief; (10) failure to account for and return security deposits; (11) trespass; (12) eviction from a substantial portion of the leased premises and breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment; (13) illegal rent increase; (14) failure to pay relocation; and (15) unfair competition.

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Preliminary Approval Hearing02/14/2022
Notification Mailing03/01/2022
Claim Deadline06/03/2022
Opt Out Deadline06/03/2022
Objection Deadline06/03/2022
Final Approval Hearing08/18/2022